Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Party needs adult supervision

Is there an adult left in the Democratic Party? There are a lot of different adjectives which aptly describe it, but I suppose immature is as good as any. Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Pelosi, Gore, Dean et al appear bent on embarassing themselves with a never ending temper tantrum.

Isn't there anyone in their entire party with the capability and willingness to stand up and demand that they all grow up? They have been acting so irresponsibly lately that it's almost an insult to my kids to describe their behavior as "childish."


Blogger angry_in_t_o said...

I think childishness in the Left in general is more severe than anyone has considered. They quite literally behave like my three-year-old daughter. That is not an insult, but an observation. Check the link. Cheers.

1:10 PM, February 03, 2005  
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