Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hillary Clinton -- slander machine

This is the best the Democrats can come up with for 2008?!


Anonymous Student said...

I am a young semi educated college student, I have never posted a blog or cared to do so, this issue though has inspired me to do so.
Hillary has overstepped the boundaries of right and wrong, by her actions we (Americans) now face another republican winning office. I find it ridiculous how this far into loosing a large number of states, electoral votes and popular vote, she would not only make her look like a piece of repeat scum like Bill (dirty oval office), who wants a trash talker in the white house. But now she has lessened the chances of change actually happening! We needed a change in representation for our nation, be it Hillary or Barack Obama. Having a non republican in office would perhaps get us off our addiction to oil; end the never ending war on drugs which is pointless costing the nation billions and putting millions of Americans away for what pharmaceutical companies do. Tax the drugs and educate the users! Take 13 Tylenols and it will be your last headache. Or smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and die in 15 years! IRAQ! Create a strategy to get out of Iraq and make that country take care of its own problems! i mean seriously if we had a bunch of Iraqis or Chinese over here on every corner driving around telling us that they were here to help us, we would be pissed too, and attacking them!

But now we face the republicans and multi-voters that were pulling for Obama might just rethink having the first African American as our leader if they don’t know that all the stuff she is saying are lies and just dirty tactics of a street walker. Thanks Hillary for fucking over not just democrats but also us Americas in the end! Selfish just plain selfish and not what a classy educated woman would do!

Btw I am white and republican.

5:36 PM, March 18, 2008  

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