Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mexican Racism

Michelle Malkin has a post on a blatantly racist postage stamp issued by Mexico. Of course, the anti-American left isn't interested in addressing real racism, so we haven't heard any condemnations.

By the way, what is the politically correct term for the race of blacks in Mexico? Are they African-Mexicans?

That reminds me of seeing a TV news report which had a black college student gushing about how excited he was to see Nelson Mandela. He said it was an honor to see a noted international figure of his own race -- an African-A .... At that point, he stopped. It was obvious he had just realized how silly it was to describe his own race with a term that had no application to Nelson Mandela. If he and Nelson were of the same race, and Nelson Mandela was clearly not an African-Anerican, what race was he?


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