Monday, September 19, 2005

Blame MSM for Clinton's Vicious Attack on Bush

Power Line has the details and an accurate assessment of just how far out of bounds Clinton is.

While the breadth and depth of Clinton's lying certainly needs to be exposed, I want to focus on the fact that the MSM is ultimately responsible for the current state of politics in the US where such an attack would be made. Imagine for a moment that Bush I had launched such an assault on the Clintons (i.e. one full of lies) during their tenure. We all know that the MSM would have instantly mobilized to expose the falsehoods, correct the record and editorialize against the outrage of it all. And they would have been right to do so. A large part of the responsibility of "speaking truth to power" and "insuring the people's right to know" is correcting the falsehoods of powerful politicians.

Clinton's perfidy is the direct result of his certain knowledge that he will not be called on it by the press. When one side knows it can lie and slander with impunity, it naturally results in a nastier state of affairs.


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