Monday, November 14, 2005

How soon we forget -- time for Swift Vet II

I have made the point several times in the past that the MSM is far more productive in its propaganda efforts on behalf of liberal causes in non-election years. The reason should be obvious, they don't have GOP candidates running ads and mobilizing an army of volunteers to get the truth out.

I was really, really disappointed last week when a number of commentators responded to Bush's speech (taking on the "Bush-lied!" liars) by expressing the hope that he would continue to push back. Not that he shouldn't push back. But let's face it, the MSM isn't going to make their microphone available to him very often. He and we cannot expect him to get an unfiltered message out to the voters. I'm disappointed with their failure to understand that he is going to need a lot of help from them.

Fortunately, we have a model for how to rectify the situation. That would be the 2004 political season. And now that 2005 is nearing an end, I would suggest that those interested in gettting the truth out start thinking about gearing up for 2006. ASAP.

What exactly do we need to do? SWIFT VETS II.

Just as the Swift Vets banded together in order to get the truth out to the American people when the MSM was unwilling to cover it, conservatives need to start actively working to get it out. That means more than simply expressing outrage on your blog.

Start 527s and write checks to support their ads on TV and radio.

Post the ads on the web.

E-mail your friends and family. Use the net to spread the word and links to the ads below the media radar screeen just as it was spread in 2004.

Bush cannot do it alone. We shouldn't expect him to. And may I say that those conservatives who joined in knee-capping the president over Miers have a special responsibility to open their checkbooks now. ANWR drilling, the future of tax cuts, future nominees to the bench, and, most importantly, the war effort require it.

We cannot wait until the political campaign season begins to set the record straight. That would be a monumental blunder. This should have been done long ago. In fact, I expect that 527s and informal internet information campaigns for the express purpose of responding to liberal lies in the media will be a standard tool from now on.

Form the committees. Prep the ads. Start the fundraising. Get the truth out.

(I also think it would be a good tactic for some 527 to specifically target the role of the MSM in spreading the lies. More on this tomorrow.)


Blogger The Scrutinator said...

We shoulda waited 'till peak election season to put this video out.

It'll knock the wind out of a few sails.

10:29 PM, November 15, 2005  

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