Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Applause for Joel Stein's retread of Bill Clinton

A bunch of folks have blogged about Joel Stein's admission that he doesn't support the troops. He doesn't support them because he considers them willing tools of American imperialism. I think it is great that Stein wrote what he did. After all, half of the Democratic party feels the same way. It is about time they gave voice to their true feelings.

Polls have regularly shown that about 20% of Americans believe that the US is a negative, malevolent force in the world. I have no doubt that those in that 20% are ably represented by Joel Stein. Does anyone doubt that these people vote for Democrats?

Although expressed party preference percentages are usually in the 30s for both parties, the reality is that each party has a loyal voting bloc of between 40 and 45% and elections are decided by the 10-15% of the voters who don't usually pay attention to what is going on. If the 20% of the population which hates the US and sees it as a malevolent force in the world is composed almost entirely of Democrats, it means they constitute roughly half of the party's supporters. Based on what we saw in the Clinton White House, they probably represent a far higher percentage of the Democrat's hard core party activists.

Remember Bill Clinton's letter explaining how he despised the military? Why should we expect Joel Stein to be different?


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