Saturday, January 07, 2006

What drives them nuts

The Anchoress passes on an interesting theory from her son of why the liberals are so deranged in their hatred of Bush. In essence, he is doing great things and he was supposed to be a joke. One commenter adds that the frustration is exacerbated by the way that Bush's support remains so strong no matter how much their friends in the MSM slander and ridicule him.

I do think that part of the extreme frustration is due to an increasingly desperate fear that they have lost control. Not that they have lost elections and thus don't control government so much (although that is certainly frustrating), but rather their ally, the MSM, has lost the ability to control the news. Their team is on a long losing streak and their most valuable player is no longer able to deliver victory. The MVP still uses all the same moves. The moves just don't seem to work anymore.

The extreme wacked-out slanders and smears are the result of a process of escalation. The way the game used to be played, Democrats would cook up a scandal or bad news, the MSM played it to the hilt, and the Republican lost support from his base. Reagan was the only exception, but his success was simply due to being the "Great Communicator". Bush is no communicator. Destroying him should be child's play.

The smears started, the media hammered away, but the GOP base didn't waver. The smears ramped up, the bad news was broadcast, the base didn't waver. This had to drive Dems nuts. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be! Pour on more and surely it will finally work. Because it must work. If it doesn't, the world will definitely be turned upside down.

The increasingly deranged level of vitriol is the liberals' last gasp effort to make the old system work. And trying to contemplate a life in the minority with a news media incapable of delivering victory is just too horrible.


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