Friday, February 24, 2006

What is an ordinary citizen supposed to believe?

Wouldn't it be great if there were any real journalists left?

Mark Tapscott points out how the Feds are unwilling to give the straight scoop on what happened in the OU bombing incident. All the information that has come out about the incident tends to cast very serious doubt on the official conclusion of suicide. I'm not a big believer in conspiracies. But I am beginning to wonder. Wouldn't it be great if someone paid to be a journalist actually did some investigativve work?

So many questions have been left hanging in recdent years and none of those paid to be journalists seems interested in finiding answers. A well-known NYPD homicide detective tells us there is no possible way that Vince Foster committed suicide in Marcy Park and the many reasons he cites seem compelling. Wish someone we could trust would look into it. Investigators play so many games with key witnesses' statements that the appellate court overseeing the investigation grants the extraordinary request of the principal witness to append a massive document to the final report explaining all the errors. Sounds like a big story. No one bothers to come up with a satisfactory explanation for it all. What am I to believe?

Jayna Davis (a journalist no less!) points out the Iraqi connections to the OK City bombing and some heavy hitters including a former CIA director describe the evidence as compelling. We hear that Senators are looking into her evidence. Nothing ever comes out. What am I to believe? Sure wish some "journalists" would follow up.

We could list a number of other stories over the last 15 years where substantial questions have been raised about the conventional wisdom or the official version. The bookstores are full of bestsellers raising questions and offering possible answers. Unfortunately, we don't know much about the authors. Wouldn't it be great if some person or organization with an established reputation as a straight shooter would do some investigative journalism? The book sales prove there is a market out there of customers wanting answers. Apparently, we want some real journalists, too.


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