Friday, May 05, 2006

What's wrong with these people?

Dr. Sanity examines how Hillary Clinton and others on the left insist on revising history by trying to make Saddam look good in order to try to make Bush look bad. After establishing the extent of the lie, she concludes:
How did we come to the point where one of our major political party's only strategy to regain power is--not through rational argument or developing alternative strategies to solve problems--but by making sure that people believe the U.S. is run by a tyrant ("BusHitler") worse than the most brutal dictator in generations? Worse than the man who coldly and ruthlessly killed millions of his own people? How did it come to be "patriotic" to ensure your country lose a war on the battlefield of public perception; even as we achieve victory in reality?

We got to this point because the left in our country is sick. Really, really, really sick.


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