Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Contrast truth on our troops to media version

Tom Bevan has a must read. I was especially glad to read of the op-ed by the admiral overseeing Gitmo. Bevan writes:
Navy Rear Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., the man who directly oversees operations at Guantanamo Bay, recently responded to critics with an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune detailing the quality of treatment received by detainees. According to Admiral Harris that treatment includes: 12 hours of recreation and exercise per day, three meals a day that meet cultural (halal) dietary requirements and that cost three times as much as the food served to our troops, korans, prayer beads, rugs, five prayer sessions a day, a library stocked with 2,000 titles in Arabic, and medical care including dental work, eye exams, vaccinations, and screenings for colon cancer.

And this directly from the op-ed:
many detainees persist in mixing a blood-urine-feces-semen cocktail and throwing this deadly concoction into the faces of the American men and women who guard them, feed them and care for them. Most of the time after such an assault, our guards decline the opportunity to take a day off. After a quick medical checkup and a shower, they prefer to put on a clean uniform and return to duty. And the only retribution they exact on the detainees is to simply continue to serve with pride, dignity and humanity. [snip]
The young Americans serving here in Guantanamo are upholding the highest ideals of honor and duty in a remote location, face to face with some of the most dangerous men on the planet. Your readers should be proud of them. I am proud to be their commander.


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