Thursday, June 22, 2006

Liberal tactics

I wanted to point this out because it illustrates a common tactic. Robert Pollock of the WSJ discusses his disagreement with The New Republic over a factoid in the global warming debate. Since TNR disagreed with him, they apparently felt compelled to slander him.
Global-warming alarmists take it for granted that they have the "scientific consensus" on their side. The truth is that their views can be as much an article of faith that avoids or elides basic facts.

I was reminded of this recently after suggesting on our weekly television show--"The Journal Editorial Report" on Fox News Channel--that "everyone agrees there has been some warming over the past century, but most of it happened before 1940."

"Not true," declared a subsequent editorial in the New Republic magazine. "The last three decades have seen the sharpest rise." TNR suggested I was what they've dubbed an "Exx-Con"--that is, a conservative whose views on climate change are so unmoored from reality that they can only be explained by a slavish devotion to Exxon and other big oil firms.


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