Thursday, July 06, 2006

Internet saving US from defeat?

Dr. Sanity uses a point made by Wretchard to examine the impact the internet has had on our ability to wage war.

The purpose of terror is to win a propaganda victory. That requires assistance from our MSM. Without it, the terrorists cannot win. She writes:
Early on in this conflict, the terrorists successfully and rather easily converted the MSM to their cause; primarily because the ideologies that motivate the two are so compatible; and it is only through the freedom of the internet that at least a portion of the American public can begin to see the terrorists for the murderous thugs they are; and understand that America--as always, no matter what her flaws may be--remains on the side of truth, justice, and freedom.

The press in this country have always been free; but lately, their freedom has become like that of a drunk driver--so intoxicated by his own power and moral righteousness; and so convinced of his own invulnerabilty; so grandiose and lacking of insight and judgment; that he is unable to appreciate the suicidal and homicidal danger he now represents.

If not for the internet and for all the independent sources of news; if not for milbloggers like Tim Boggs who report directly from the frontlines without the guile or deceit; if not for the dissemination of the truth to counter the continuous propaganda of the enemy, printed and trumpeted daily in our own news media--the terrorists would have already achieved a final victory.

I don't think that is entirely true. I think that our current president would never cut and run. But the MSM could very well have succeeded in 2004 (and may yet succeed in 2008) in their relentless efforts to elect a Democrat eager to surrender.


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