Thursday, July 27, 2006

MSM and the law of averages

Cori Dauber points out that the MSM only seems to find space for stories from troops in Iraq with low morale. Those of us who talk to actual military people who have been there or their family members know that morale is actually very high. Perhaps it is just a weird sampling anomaly that every time reporters ask, they get the ones that are unhappy. Or perhaps they only write up stories when they get unhappy responses.

Cori's use of "law of averages" for her post reminds me of the way that the Clinton administration used the IRS to audit and intimidate conservative groups. There were dozens and dozens of conservative groups audited, but not a single liberal one. And the conservative groups seemed to be the ones that were speaking out about abuses by the Clintons. Just a weird sampling anomaly of a totally impartial random audit process, I guess. Just one of those 1 in a trillion longshots.

Like Hillary's cattle futures payoff.


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