Friday, August 11, 2006

Extreme reactions

The Anchoress takes extreme bloggers and commenters to task on both sides of the political spectrum. I agree, but want to note two things. First, there is a difference between advocating an unhinged policy based on an accurate understanding of the facts (nuke 'em all) and spouting lies and nonsense while advocating an unhinged policy (Bush caused all these terrorists, it would all stop if we just left Iraq).

Second, no political leader is advocating the "nuke 'em all" policy, none are going to, and I would bet that the poster who wrote it knows it and likely doesn't really want anyone to. On the left side of the extreme, however, the insanity is very real and having a measurable impact on the politicians. There is an enormous difference in the way that the insanity of the extremists is having a serious impact on reality.


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