Friday, August 25, 2006

Widespread Democratic Vote Fraud

Via Betsy, was this item by David Hogberg about the ridiculous study put out by the People of the American Way on "voter suppression". Hogberg notes:
And of course, PFAW has to whine about "Overly strict voter identification requirements that make it harder for the up to 10 percent of Americans who do not have government-issued photo IDs to cast a vote." Requiring a drivers license to vote is "overly strict"? Next time I try to cash a check at a bank, I'll try that "overly strict" complaint when they ask for ID, just to see how it goes over.

There is one reason and one reason only for not requiring ID to vote: making it easier to cheat.

Have you noticed that an incredibly diverse group of liberal partisans have gone the extra mile to try to kill any use of photo IDs to vote? From this left-wing outfit to the lawsuit brought by the former Democratic governor of Georgia, the entire Democratic Party appears to be mobilized for war on this. Why?

The argument that their use intimidates black voters is laughable. As is the argument that poor voters can't afford the free ID cards. Michael Barone has pointed out the Mexico got serious about vote fraud with a number of quality control measures, one of which is issuing an election ID with photo to every voter which includes features making it very hard to counterfeit. Anyone serious about stopping vote fraud knows you have to start with photo ID. Yet Democrats all over the country willingly make fools of themselves tossing out all kinds of silly claims in their desperate attempts to stop their use.

Obviously, they understand that the IDs will cut down on fraudulent votes by making it harder to cheat. A reasonable conclusion is that they know that Democrats benefit from vote fraud. Others have noted this, it is the numbers I find fascinating.

What I want to focus on is how widespread and diverse their efforts are. The opposition to photo ID seems to involve party supporters all over the country. They are united on this. And desperate enough to say anything, no matter how moronic. My point -- a person doesn't knowingly make a fool of himself for no reason. I don't think all these people would knowingly make stupid claims out of a sense of solidarity. I.e., "this photo ID thing seems really important for some reason I don't understand, but I'm a good Dem so I'll go along and make a fool of myself." No, I think you have to figure that the thought process goes something like this -- "Oh man, I've seen us busing people around to different precincts so folks could vote multiple times and I know about the absentee scams (or I know about it all from folks I trust), if photo IDs are required, we are totally screwed. We have to fight this at all costs, no matter how silly we look. If we lose on this, we are toast!"

Given the large number of Democrats fighting against photo IDs, I think it reasonable to conclude that there are a lot of folks in on the fraud. And the number of votes involved would probably stagger most of us.


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