Friday, September 15, 2006

John Kerry is a very important man

It's just not right that people laugh at him so much. He has an important job and knows lots of important people. Besides, he can't help it that he says such stupid things. So let's all give him the respect he deserves.

OK -- here's the post about Kerry's promise to kickass from Just One Minute which led to the funny comment by BumperStickerist I just posted below.

BTW -- here's the comment I left:
Why don't we also remember that Kerry put up after-action reports on his web site claiming he was the skipper of the boat described therein which was involved in very heavy fighting. Except the fighting happened before he was skipper of that boat. The reports just vanished from his site after the Swift Vets reported for duty. Do you think it was hackers?

Oh, and one of the men on the boat during that heavy fighting suffered a very bad head wound and was hospitalized for a good while. He was gone before Kerry took command of the boat. Yet somehow, he was able to speak at the Dems national convention for Kerry in 2004 about Kerry's heroism leading the boat. That's a real head scratcher.

Surely the crack investigative journalists of the NY Times and Wash Post will clear it all up for us. Maybe Mary Mapes and Dan Rather can help. And if OJ ever gets tired looking for the killer, I'm sure he can lend a hand, too.


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