Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No need for facts

This professor has decided that there isn't a threat of terrorism in the US. Because there haven't been any attacks.

Does he have access to any of the information available to the FBI or other security agencies? No. But he knows their spokesmen are lying. Because he is a professor.

A J Strata, on the other hand, points out that the NY Times criticizes the president for reminding us that the threat of terrorism is real:
Last night, President Bush once again urged Americans to take terrorism seriously — a warning that hardly seems necessary. One aspect of that terrible day five years ago that seems immune to politicization or trivialization is the dread of another attack.

When Mr. Bush warns that Al Qaeda means what it says, that there are Islamist fanatics around the world who wish us harm and that the next assault could be even worse than the last, he does not need to press the argument.

I don't suppose we should be surprised that the Times appears to have no clue that a significant percentage of those on the left think that terrorism is no threat. The Times hasn't a clue about much of anything.


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