Friday, September 29, 2006

Sabato: Idiot or Liar?

As seems to happen on a daily basis, we have an instance where there are only two possible conclusions, the liberal involved is either a liar or an idiot (i.e. corrupt of incompetent). Larry Sabato provides us with evidence in support of both propositions. Since I suspect that most readers here have read about the story at other blogs with higher readerships, I will dispense with a rundown of the facts.

I want to point out this:
Professor Sabato either doesn't understand that he said what he professes not to have said, or doesn't understand the difference between statements based on personal knowledge and statements based on hearsay. He appears not to know what he has done, or that he has done wrong.

Regardless of the merits of the underlying story, Sabato's behavior is unconscionable. And just like Bill Keller and the NY Times, the more he explains himself, the more he reveals himself to be an idiot.

He's not just a danger to political opponents, his incompetence makes him a danger to everyone (most of all himself).


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