Friday, November 17, 2006

I disagree with the CW

.. on why we lost. McCain is wrong. While we may have irritated some small government conservatives by not reining in spending, I have a hard time seeing that they voted for the Democrats.

We lost because we didn't fight back against the MSM and didn't get serious about clearing up vote fraud. More when I get some time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>cleaning up vote fraud...

Hey, some progress:

Two election workers were convicted Wednesday of rigging a recount of the 2004 presidential election to avoid a more thorough review in Ohio's most populous county.

Jacqueline Maiden, elections coordinator of the Cuyahoga County Elections Board, and ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer each were convicted of a felony count of negligent misconduct of an elections employee. They also were convicted of one misdemeanor count each of failure of elections employees to perform their duty.,,-6369252,00.html

1:27 PM, January 25, 2007  

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