Friday, January 05, 2007

One to remember

The Captain reports that CNN is running a story on an abuse of power by President Nixon. He asked the FBI to do a background check on some people who were going to testify against Justice Rehnquist at his confirmation hearing. As scandals go, this is really small time stuff. However, I think it is great that CNN wants to report the news. All government abuse should get a healthy dose of public disinfectant.

Let's remember this when CNN fails to cover Clinton scandals over the next couple of years. Nixon is dead. The story is over 3 decades old. No one involved is currently running for president or any other public office.

As for the serious abuses of power committed by the Clintons which CNN has still chosen not to report? They can't use the excuse of "old news". Nixon is old news. Hillary is running for president. Every one involved in the illegalities of the Clinton White House is still involved in politics. Their potential role in future administrations means that no scandal involving them can be considered "old news". And since they chose to report really, really old news in the case of Nixon, even "old news" should be reported.

This will be an issue next year. Remember.


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