Thursday, January 18, 2007

Say what??!! -- more brain-dead sports media

Watching Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN. Mike Green says that the Colts look to have an advantage in talent over the Patriots.

Huh! I don't think there is a coach or scout in the NFL who would agree. Patriots are substantially better in the defensive line, at linebacker and in the secondary. Their special teams, both coverage and return, are substantially better. The Pats are better in the offensive line, at tight end and at running back.

The Colts are better at wide receiver, although New England has better depth. And while anyone with a brain knows the Colts are substantially better at QB, every Pat fan on the planet vehemently disagrees.

And of course, while Greenie was talking about players, New England does have a substantial advantage in coaching talent as well.

So what in the world is Mike Green thinking? If anyone wanted an example of sports media people being brain dead, this one would certainly join the list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, looks like you got that dead wrong. Great game, though.

3:45 PM, January 22, 2007  

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