Thursday, February 22, 2007

John Edwards is not a serious person

Of course, I don't think anyone really thinks he is. Baseball Crank contrasts what the Senate's biggest fool (and isn't that saying something!!) had to say about Israel and Iran then (2004) and now. In a nutshell, when the focus was fighting Iraq, he wanted the US to focus on the danger than is Iran. Now that the focus may be including our fight with Iran, Iran is no longer a danger worth worrying about. Did you know Iran has become less threatening in the last 2 years? Me neither.

It looks like he has come upon the perfect choice of country to fret over -- Israel. Since the Israelis will never do anything to hurt the USA, they are just the ticket for demonization. Focusing on our little ally as the source of all that ails the world means never having to actually use the US military.


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