Thursday, April 12, 2007

John Kerry -- traitor, liar, fool

Beldar is too kind:
In Sen. Kerry's eyes, 'tis better to treat with, to fawn over, to snuggle up close and tight with the sworn enemies of the United States than to be seen as supporting the President of the United States (whoever, of whichever party, happens to hold that office at the time). Of course, "hand[ing] ... a dangerous victory" to the Ba'athist or Communist Parties is perfectly fine with the junior senator from Massachusetts.

As I wrote in the comments to his post:
This is the same John Kerry who sent anti-war audio tapes to the North Vietnamese to be used in the torture of American POWs. The same John who not only perjured himself in slandering the members of our military service, but also suborned the perjury of others in furtherance of his slander. The same John who was part of a group which conspired to assassinate a number of US senators in the Capitol building.

And the same John who said that our abandonment of the South Vietnamese would have little effect on the country other than having to evacuate a few thousand people.

John is now, and was then, a traitor. He is now, and was then, a liar.

And he is now, and was then, a fool whose judgment should never be allowed to affect US policy.


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