Friday, October 31, 2008


I've watched the news media get worse and worse for the last 40 years. But I never thought the bias, fraud, corruption and propaganda efforts would get this bad. Unbelievable.

Those people in the electorate who believe that our country would be better with an honest, competent news media have to face a hard truth -- we don't have one and we aren't likely to have one until the people who care decide to do something about it. Wringing hands and whining won't get it done.

Talk radio and blogging are nice, but they don't reach the critical parts of the electorate that decide elections. Those folks still get their "news" from the corrupt MSM.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I take it you are upset that Fox didn't come clean about what they knew about Palin before the election? Or, perhaps, that McCain's involvement in the Keating Five deals and investigation leaks was more fully explored? Perhaps you are upset that Ayers dominated the discussion after you found out that he's a bit obnoxious but kinda boring, mostly concerned with breaking the teachers unions, encouraging PTAs, and advocating a reading, writing, and math elementary school curriculum?

Hmmm, there's so much to chose from it's hard to know what might be setting you off.

I assume, then, that you are going to be advocating for the return of the Fairness Doctrine? Personally, I can't see it happening because pretty much zero Dems have even mentioned it, much less advocate it. However, you might find a few sympathetic voices at NRO since they seem just as upset about how Palin was mistreated and they certainly talk about the Fairness Doctrine a lot.

Some media has already figured out how biased they are and are taking steps to correct it. The NYT, for instance, just the other day issued some useful corrections about their recent coverage:

... No newspaper should concern itself with maximizing profits, and the paper of record should be held to an even higher standard than the rest of the publishing industry...

7:14 PM, November 13, 2008  

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