Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Democrats in search of Oz

On their journey to Oz, the tin man, the scarecrow and the lion may have lacked a heart, a brain and courage, but they were in much better shape than the current DC crop of Democratic politicians. First, they each recognized they had a problem that needed fixing. Second, each was missing only one of those important qualities.

Anyone observing Democrats today can see that they lack both courage and a brain. And while they loudly profess to having a heart and even wear theirs on their sleeves, their lack of guts and brains means they never end up actually helping anyone. Whether it's welfare mothers, kids trapped in inner-city schools, Afghan women brutalized by the Taliban or Iraqi children confined in hellish prisons, the Democrats just don't have the stuff it takes to make a positive difference.

Other than backbiting, second-guessing, whining and complaining, what do Democrats do? Besides vote fraud and slandering Republicans?

What do they stand for? On the major issues of the day, they are incoherent. Their foreign policy stance appears to be nothing more than wishing they were French and disagreeing with everything the Bush does (even if they once suggested doing it). As Glenn Reynolds notes, they talked about the necessity of regime change in Iraq during the last years of the Clinton administration. Apparently it was all talk. They couldn't imagine anyone actually, you know, doing something about it.

Same thing for social security reform. When Clinton was president, they told us that a crisis loomed and reform was necessary. Now that Bush actually proposes doing something about it, they can't even agree there is a problem.

Their incoherence on the economy is especially striking. They criticized Bush for not doing enough to stimulate, but complained about deficits and proposed putting limits on free trade and increasing taxes. Utter nonsense.

If they really want to win an election in the future, they might start by finding some sense and the courage to stand up for America and its values. Political leadership means more than calling George Bush names.


Blogger Chief Wannahockaloogy said...

I hear ya, brother.

That damned democratic president, what was his name...Kennedy, I think. He was all talk and no action. If he had been a republican, we'd have 51 stars on Old Glory for sure.

And what's up with those silly democrats wanting to go against God's law and kill unborn children? I say save that life now and then screw it later by not supplying it with the money it needs to live a good life like the rest of us republicans.

And everyone knows that putting limits on free trade with Canada (some of them speak French) and, say, cheaper drugs, is just plain kooky.

Un-American, even.

Then there's that loof idea of increasing taxes to pay for our national debt, medical bills, and our cities' run-down infrastructures. Heck, us republicans will gladly fork over our fortunes to pay for it all.

No, wait. That's a hand-out. We don't believe in hand-outs...

1:51 PM, February 01, 2005  
Blogger Acres said...

Your Oz analogy is a good one.

At risk of sounding crude, you know how a fish out of water gives a couple of final gasps before dying? To me, right now, this represents the Democratic party right now.

Those final gasps are attempts to show that the Democratic side is still relevant. Relying on Teddy, Boxer, Feinstein, or Kerry to parlay their meanderings speaks volumes.

You wonder if and when the DNC figures it out, what ever "it" is, will it still be called the Democratic party? Reason I say that is look at the talking heads for the party, they're all aging liberal activists that time is passing. That's why Obama is getting so much gloss.


2:22 PM, February 01, 2005  
Blogger The Scrutinator said...

Good analogy. "Co-dependent enabling" doesn't count as heart either.

Interesting that Chief Wannahockaloogy has to go back 40 years to find a Democratic president of action. (And I wonder if he agrees with the action that President took anyway.)

11:36 AM, February 02, 2005  

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