Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Religious Discrimination by Democrats?

Glenn Reynolds points outs this debate involving Cathy Young, Stephen Bainbridge and Eugene Volokh on the question of whether the Democrats are discriminating against Christians in their opposition to some of Bush's judicial nominees such as Judge Pryor.

I just want to make the point that it is entirely appropriate to take into account the arguments being used by some of the Democrats' biggest supporters as a way to put their filibuster arguments into context. Hostility toward religion, in general, and Christianity, in particular, is obvious to anyone who is familiar with conversations on a lot of college campuses. Hollywood's hostility cannot be argued.

I recently pointed out that a number of liberal commentators have expressed concern that the country was moving toward a theocracy. The contention is patently ridiculous, but the fact that it is made tells us a lot about the hostility of those making the claim.

Finally, while I don't often frequent the left-wing swamps at Democratic Underground, Move On, and Daily Kos, whenever some blogger I trust posts some of the commentary that runs at these sites, it is obvious that there is a pronounced hostility toward religion. Given the power that these sites now have within the Democratic Party, I think it reasonable to conclude that hostility to religion is widespread and serves to motivate Party leaders.


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