Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More on McCain

D J Drummond points out this about a McCain interview in the New Yorker:
“When people are in close races, I am the first Republican who is asked to come and appear for that person. I am the most sought-after of all Republicans. In this last campaign, I was the one asked by the President to travel and campaign with him…. When you look at the rank and file of ordinary Republicans, I’m extremely popular–it’s some of the party apparatchiks who still harbor bad feelings toward me. But it is a little hard for them to do that now, because of my strong support for Bush….Particularly since the 2004 campaign, there has been a great softening of dislike for me.”

Drummond then writes:
Count how many times McCain says “I” or “me”. Now count how many times he says “Republican”. How many times does he mention “America”?

What is it with Senators named ‘ John’? McCain was once a man to respect, who deserved honor for his integrity. I sure wish that John McCain would return…
I wrote about McCain's honor and integrity here.


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