Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thank You, William Miller!

I was driving over to Oak Ridge to pick up my son and his friends from practice yesterday when I had a flat tire. I was struggling with the little Rube Goldberg device that was supposed to be the jack for our van when a pick up truck pulled off the highway and parked in front of me. This was a working pick up with Morgan County plates (Wartburg is the county seat) and the man who got out to help me looked like someone who was comfortable around hard work.

He went to the back of his truck and unstrapped a quality jack. He had the van jacked up in no time while I was working the lug nuts off. We got the tire changed in a flash and I asked him if I could pay him for his help. Of course not. He just asked that I do the same for someone else. As he was strapping the jack back down in the bed of the pick up, he advised me that I ought to get a good one for myself -- they were available for a good price at a local store.

We were both back in our respective vehicles and about to pull off when I had an idea. I jumped out and asked him if he ever got on the internet. When he said he did, I told him to check out this site today. He could read about himself. The name patch on his shirt said William -- what was his last name? Miller, he said. All right, William Miller, we'll see you tomorrow at Two Minute Offense.

I just want to say that people like William are the reason I love living here in Tennessee. I know there are good people all over the world. I just think that this area has an extra helping.

Thank you again, William Miller. You have yourself a great day!


Blogger HisSister said...

William Miller it is a fine thing you've done! Stan Brown with a mechanical device in his hands is a very scary thing indeed. God gave him other gifts.

6:05 PM, May 17, 2005  

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