Monday, June 27, 2005

Tim Russert -- Democratic Shill

Before Tim Russert worked for NBC, he worked for liberal Democratic politicians Mario Cuomo and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He has partisan attitudes about politics and his bias and partisanship often come through in his work. He showed his true colors with Secretary Rumsfeld. Lori Byrd at Polipundit says what she
was completely unimpressed and extremely disappointed by was Tim Russert’s questions. Hard questions for the Secretary of Defense are completely in order, what is not is what Russert asked. Read the transcript for yourself if you missed the show.

Russert asked an incredibly large number of questions based on moonbat conventional wisdom, rather than actual facts. I could list at least half a dozen examples of this from the transcript, but right off the top of my head I think first of the reference to the Downing Street Memo that there was no post war planning for Iraq. The question was asked as if the memo was proof that there was no plan – as if the person who wrote that line in the memo had complete access to every detail of the war plan from the White House to the Pentagon to Centcom. That is just one very small example. Rumsfeld did a great job, as always, but he had to spend half the interview either questioning the basis for the assumptions made in Russert’s questions or correcting incorrect statements presented by Russert as fact.

I used to have a good deal of respect for Tim Russert, but lately I am having trouble reminding myself just why I ever did.

I think Russert is just a less extreme version of Bill Moyers and George Stephanopoulos -- Democratic Party political activists continuing their work on the payroll of a media organization.


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