Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dick Morris on Bush's Court pick

Dick Morris (via Real Clear Politics) says the pick of Roberts, or any conservative who was confirmed to a lower court without a Democratic filibuster, is brilliant. It may well be, but not necessarily for the reasons Morris gives. I find Morris to be somewhat erratic in the quality of his political analysis and predictions.

He says:
The key is that Bush has used the Democrats’ opposition to his district and circuit-court judicial appointments against them and made it a ratification of the Roberts candidacy. Simply put, by choosing a judge whom the Democrats confirmed unanimously when he was nominated for the D.C. Circuit Court — and whom they did not filibuster — Bush has made the Democrats impotent.

This assumes that Democrats care about consistency or that the MSM will hold their feet to the fire. I don't think either is true. Roberts seems headed for confirmation. However, I don't think the Morris formula is as foolproof as he does.


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