Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The fact-checking MSM

Lori at Polipundit points out how the MSM just can't seem to get the facts straight on Joe Wilson and the Plame affair. And Patterico takes the LA Times to task for inadequate fact checking. Not only did the Times get an easy to check fact wrong, they based their entire editorial on the faulty fact. He writes:
Today's L.A. Times editorial on Justice O'Connor opens with this statement:

One fact sums up Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's pivotal role on the Supreme Court and the enormity of her resignation — she alone was in the majority of every one of the court's 13 5-4 decisions this last term.
He then writes:
Wow. That's really impressive. Except for one small problem . . . there were 24 5-4 decisions this Term, not 13 -- and Justice O'Connor was in the minority in quite a few of those cases.

Given the reality, the Times' editorial is complete nonsense. Again.


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