Saturday, July 30, 2005

HGTV shoot plus city swim meet

What a busy weekend! On the road Friday before 8 am with my son and his friend to swim in the prelims of the city swim meet at UT's swim center. Madison qualified for the finals in all 4 events, so we will be back there Sunday.

As soon as he finished at 2:30 we raced back to the house where an HGTV crew was shooting some scenes involving a makeover in our kitchen. I had to shower and change into the same clothes I was wearing 2 weeks ago when we shot the first part of the commercial (to be shown on a different network) on our back deck. The spot is supposed to be two minutes long. The client is an association of propane manufacturers and the topic is safety, care and cleaning of gas grills. I was asked to do a non-speaking role demonstrating various instructions. All of this is kind of funny because we don't use our grill much and my wife usually does the grilling when we do.

Anyway, the last part of the shoot was done at a local hardware store. I was filmed handing an empty container to a gas employee who filled it up and handed it back. You would probably be surprised how long that can take. The excitement meter hardly budged.

I spent the time joking with a couple of the crew. One guy, also named Stan, had some great stories about stuff like continuity blunders -- where the final cut of a production includes parts of different takes and they fail to catch inconsistencies (drink level changes, cigarette changes lengths, etc.). Apparently, one of the early Clint Eastwood westerns has a scene where jet contrails are clearly visible in the sky.

So yesterday was a long day. Hope to blog a few posts today while Catherine has her nap.


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