Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hollywood values --G movies or anti-US propaganda

Some values are more important than cash.

As Michael Medved has pointed out a number of times, movies that are rated G make a great deal more money than those rated R. This has been true for decades and is well-known in Hollywood. Yet, Hollywood produces a great deal of "R" movies and very, very few "G" movies. Why? Because in Hollywood, art is considered more important than money. And Hollywood's film "artists" don't feel that they can make their art without sex, violence or profanity.

Keep that in mind while reading this (via Glenn) from Mickey Kaus about how out of touch Hollywood must be to let left-winger and virulent anti-American director Oliver Stone direct a movie about 9/11. Roger Simon points out that foreign box office cash might be the reason.

Got that? Making a G-rated movie for the money is unthinkable. Making an anti-American propaganda flick for the money is not.

It is all about the values.


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