Sunday, August 07, 2005

Knee jerk causes black eye

Bernard Goldberg was on C-Span's Book Events this afternoon talking about his book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. The event was in Miami and a fair share of the audience was made up of liberals. I started reading the book this weekend, so I tuned in.

His talk was not political. He focused on the increased vulgarity of our modern life. Specifically, he focused on the increasingly common use of the "f***" word. One example was Chevy Chase's reference to President Bush as a "dumb f***" while performing at Lincoln Center at a black tie gala.

During the question period, one woman upbraided Goldberg saying (as well as I can remember it), "Instead of criticizing people for dropping f-bombs, maybe you should be asking what is causing them to use them. Like not being able to find a job ..."

At this point, the crowd basically drowned her out and hooted her down, so I didn't catch the details of her litany of all the supposed problems which afflict America with Bush as president.

Unbelievable. [Who knew that Chevy Chase couldn't get a job?]

There were several other knee-jerk liberal moments that were so stereotypical that you almost had to wonder if conservatives weren't making fun of them by pretending to impersonate them. (I said almost.)

If they show it again, it is worth watching just to see how mindless some of the liberal Kool-aid drinkers can be.


Blogger Philip said...

Yeah, Goldberg sounds petty in his book. I made an annotated synopsis of 100 people who are screwing up america. Also check out Jon Stewart interviewing Goldberg.

2:28 PM, August 11, 2005  

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