Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lying to your face

Patterico has a long post on how the Cindy Sheehan travesty is covered in the LA Times. He has the quotes Sheehan gave right after her meeting with the President including, “That was the gift the president gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together.” Of course, none of that is in the Times. At the conclusion of laying out how badly they covered this story, he writes:
These people are either hopelessly uninformed, or they are lying to you — right to your face. There is no third explanation. And I find it almost impossible to believe that they are that uninformed.

Read it all.


Blogger Daniel said...

You've been had -- manipulated by right wing media.

Follow this link for the evidence.

Then answer this question: Now that you know that you've been misinformed by people who amplified a smear by Matt Drudge, will you show integrity and correct your claim?

4:03 PM, August 11, 2005  
Blogger Archangel said...

The pathetic Mrs. Cindy Sheehan has now taken sides with the jihadists who killed her son. If he could come back from beyond the grave, he'd curse his mother.

Where is Mr. Patrick Sheehan? Why doesn't he assert authority over his insane wife and tell her to shut up, or just divorce her? There's no excuse for this sort of behavior. It's not surprising that she is being used by Michael Moore, who is the #1 American traitor of the present.

The war we're fighting against fundamentalist Islam isn't just over there--it's here, too, and the Legacy Media has become, by and large, a Fifth Column of traitors who neither know nor care why America is the last, best hope of mankind, striving for a peaceful and free world.

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5:29 PM, August 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are sad and deluded.

10:07 PM, August 11, 2005  

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