Sunday, September 04, 2005

Political ideology trumps God

From No Left Turns, this gem was highlighted from an article on evangelical growth in the Ivy League:
According to Ivy League campus ministers, politics has become a stumbling block in evangelism. Craig Parker, staff leader for Navigators at Dartmouth, says his ministry does not use the term evangelical, due to its "political and moralistic connotations." Jimmy Quach says Harvard students loathe the Religious Right. He said, "One student told me, ’I love everything I’ve learned about Christianity. I love the community. I love what I’ve learned about Jesus. But if I were to become a Christian, I’d have to consider those in the Religious Right in my family. And I can’t stand that idea.’"

Let's see if I got that right -- the student would love to commit his life to the lordship of Jesus Christ, if only he didn't have to love anyone who voted for Bush?


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