Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blatant propaganda at CNBC

Watching for financial news at 1:10 this afternoon. Before going to a commercial break, CNBC has a teaser on news from Congress -- big dispute over drilling in ANWR. You wouldn't believe the pictures they showed. We saw caribou splashing in beautiful streams and beautiful flowers waving gently in the breeze. Of course, no one is advocating drilling in these areas. The drilling would take place in one of the world's most barren, god-foresaken hellholes.

I know this is SOP for the news media.

But it still pisses me off. Because it is a blatant fraud. The "producers" of the news are knowingly, purposefully, deliberately displaying images knowing that viewers will assume that they are pertinent to the discussion. But the images are no more accurate than if they were of downtown Paris. They are a lie, plain and simple, for the purpose of trying to influence voting.


Anonymous meander said...

I totally agree...it's infuriating. It probably would never occur to them to be the slightest bit abashed at this dishonesty.

7:58 PM, December 20, 2005  

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