Saturday, December 03, 2005

If the MSM covered the Colts like they cover Iraq

Jon Ham imagines the write up of last Monday's victory by the Colts over the Steelers if the MSM wrote it up they way they cover Iraq. It starts like this:
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts, seeking to silence critics who say they are overrated, fell short of that mark on Monday night by outscoring the Pittsburgh Steelers by a mere 3-point margin in the first quarter.

Despite the unspectacular first-quarter margin, Colts head coach Tony Dungy insisted that his team was winning the battle. “Hey, we’re up three,” said Dungy. “In my book that’s a lead.” But critics pointed out that the Colts gained their lead only as a result of a desperation 80-yard pass by quarterback Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison on their first play of the game.


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