Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dick Morris just doesn't get it

Morris looks at polling data and discerns a marked liberal shift in the voting public. The fact that the GOP has been hammered relentlessy by the MSM without responding is ignored.

Morris reminds me of many of the fools who pontificate on football without a clue what is really happening. For example, some pundits have said that the Indianapolis Colts have a quality running game. This is based on the fact that the Colts' running back, Edgerrin James is one of the leaders in NFL rushing stats.

In reality, the Colts have a great passing attack led by Peyton Manning. Unfortunately, their offensive line is really weak at run blocking. Defenses have begun using some unusual tactics in an effort to slow down the pass. The Colts only manage to run when defenses focus on the pass. In fact, the Steelers actually tried something in their game earlier this year which I have never seen before. Demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the Colts' offensive line, they chose to defend with only 2 defensive linemen, 3 linebackers and 6 defensive backs. While teams will sometimes go to a "dime" package with 6 DBs in obvious passing situations (3d and long), they still use 3 linemen. The Steelers aligned with this 2 linemen personnel package even on first down! And the Colts still struggled to run the ball very well.

Numbers are only educational when you understand why.

[note -- defenses ordinarily have 4 DBs. Putting in a 5th DB was labeled a "nickel" package. Thus, a sixth became known as a "dime".]


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