Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hillary's support is BDS on steroids

In the last few days, a number of folks have discussed the fact that Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions face some serious obstacles.

Have you ever wondered how she could be the favorite in the race for the Democratic nomination? There really is no logical reason that anyone would support her for political office. She has no charisma. She absolutely butchered her health care takeover attempt. She can't get along with people. And she has a record of corruption and criminality that boggles the mind. In a just world, she would be contemplating the next decade in the slammer, not dreaming of returning to Pennsylvania Avenue.

So why is she the Democratic frontrunner? Because Democrats hate Republicans. As Charles Krauthammer has noted, they think Republicans are evil. In fact, they are obsessed with Republicans. The greatest single determinant in the behavior of Democrats is opposition to the GOP.

Hillary Clinton is the favorite among the Democratic rank and file precisely because Republicans really don't like her. During the Clinton adminstration, when the GOP criticized Hillary for her corruption and dishonesty, Democrats rallied around her. The worse she behaved and the more appalled the GOP was with her, the higher her standing among Democrats.

Perhaps the best way for her to insure she wins the Democratic nomination is to do something really revolting -- so over the top that Republicans will feel compelled to denounce her.


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