Friday, February 24, 2006

I wish I had written this

This is the best explanation I have ever seen for the polarization of our politics. He is absolutely right.

The Left is engaged in an assault on everything America has always stood for. The stakes are much higher than they were 50 years ago:
The bitterness we’re experiencing these days is easy to explain. We disagree about much bigger things now than at any time since at least the Civil War. Here are some of the truly Big Things that today are in dispute:

-the basis of national community and national loyalty;

-the natural complementarity of the two human sexes;

-the centrality of the traditional family unit to American civilization;

-the dignity of every human life;

-the reality of a flawed, never to be perfected human nature.

American liberalism, having embraced post-modern Leftism, put these issues in dispute. It has changed fundamentally during the past four decades. None of these questions was seriously at issue on a large scale until the 1960s.

In allying with the post-modern Left, American liberalism has broken the national compact. It has stepped outside the 230 year stream of American consensus. It rails shrilly against the American creed, civic and spiritual. It unreasoningly indicts the phenomenally successful American economic system. It heaps scorn upon idealistic American purposes in the world and, indeed, actually impedes as best it can every exercise of American self-defense.


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