Friday, March 24, 2006

Countering the media

Dr. Sanity asks how we counter the bias and extreme partisanship of the MSM. Despite all the alternative sources of news, the vast majority of Americans still get their news from the MSM.

As I have written before, it is past time for conservatives and the GOP to actively pursue the two most successful strategies of the 2004 campaign: 1) ads by 527s and 2) e-mail networks. Yes, it sucks that we have to pay to do the job the MSM should do if they were honest. But they aren't. We can cry or we can act. I say it is time to start the fund-raising and prepare the ads. Use the strategy employed by the Swift Vets. Buy a few spots. Use an internet web site to push the message and assist supporters who can e-mail the video and audio spots to friends and family. Feed friendly bloggers.

A note on e-mail. It is the one part of the internet that just about everyone uses every day. Relatively few read blogs, but everybody reads e-mails from friends and family. The formal e-mail networks constructed by the GOP was extremely successful, not only in organizing the rank and file, but also getting the message out. The informal spread of information by e-mail may have been even more effective. Swing voters who would never listen to conservative talk radio or read a blog still read e-mails with a joke or a funny conservative political cartoon sent along by someone they know.

There are a lot of very good reasons why the White House cannot take the lead on pushing the good news on Iraq, the economy, Katrina, etc. It is about time we stopped relying on Dubya to do all the heavy lifting. Don't you think he has enough on his plate?

Bloggin' about our outrage with the MSM ain't enough. Form the 527s, open the wallets, prep the ads, get the message out. The road to success has already been blazed. All we have to do is follow the map.


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