Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jumble of thoughts

I have a lot of ideas for blogging without the time to do them justice. A quick list:

Michael Barone has had some interesting posts and columns lately which raise some good points and inspire some worthwhile tangents.

Ben Stein notes that the Academy awards had not a single mention of the troops.

Isn't it curious that movie makers think that they can provide honest insight into the politics of the present by lying about the past?

An op-ed in the WSJ on Saddam's trial makes me think of natural law. Apparently, Saddam is saying that, as president, everything he did was lawful. Where is the crime?, he asks. If we instinctively recognize that an inherent moral code should supercede a legal structure which is immoral, isn't that a recognition of the role of natural law?

And finally, we have reached the point where the news is so inaccurate that it is caausing professionals in a variety of fields to screw up. This one will get blogged eventually. In finance, political science, history, retail, etc., those who blindly accept the news from the MSM are making decisions which are radically different from those who get their info elsewhere.

Will we get to the point where reliance on the NY Times or CBS for factual data will be considered negligence per se?


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