Monday, May 08, 2006

Mind-boggling Cluelessness

Jamie Gorelick is the Clinton official who, working at the Defense Dept. and as Deputy Attorney General, created "the wall" between intelligence and law enforcement which did more to create the opportunity for the 9/11 terror attack than any other factor. Her appointment as a 9/11 commissioner is one of the worst examples of a conflict of interest imaginable. Of course, the Commission completely whitewashed her role in the disaster. It seems she is now giving speeches in which she explains how everyone else screwed things up.

An idiot columnist in Seattle, wrote this column praising her speech. Somehow he forgot to write even one word on Gorelick's crucial role in hamstringing our efforts to stop terrorism.

Unbelievable. Ignorance? Or a corrupt partisan propaganda effort? With the MSM today, maybe both.


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