Monday, May 15, 2006

Who do you trust?

In this interview, Hugh Hewitt talks with Jay Rosen on the subject of press responsibility when publishing leaks of vital national security secrets. At the end of the interview (which was a couple of weeks ago), Rosen makes this statement which just begs for follow-up:
I don't trust the Bush administration to persuade me of anything. I think the trust between this administration and the American people, or at least any people that I know, is completely gone.

He repeats this several more times.

When I read this, I wondered -- what politicians does Rosen trust?

Now I know that Jay Rosen is a lefty journalism professor at NYU who has gone so far out there that he has said the Bush administration is repealing the First Amendment. Obviously, he has lost touch with reality. But wouldn't you just love to hear him, like Mike Wallace did with Imus, try to say he trusted the Clintons to be honest? Or try to defend the honesty of the Kennedys, Howie Dean, Pelosi or any of the other Democratic leaders in Congress? Does Rosen trust Algore -- a man whose own chief of staff warned him in a memo that he had a bad tendency of saying things that were not true?

Or even better, ask him if he trusts the NY Times.


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