Thursday, June 15, 2006

Barone on another example of MSM bias

How the Democrats can win

The Washington Post Outlook section last Sunday had a feature on "How the Democrats Can Win." It included recommendations from various Democratic strategists and thinkers, and from some Republicans and others as well. Nothing wrong with it at all. But here's my question: Do you remember whether the Post or another MainStreamMedia organ has ever run a piece on "How the Republicans Can Win"? I certainly don't remember any from the 1994 cycle, when such an article would have turned out to be particularly apt. I have vague recollections of sets of articles—How Democrats Can Win; How Republicans Can Win. But does anyone remember a piece focusing on Republicans alone, as the Post here focused on Democrats alone?

My memory may just be faulty, and perhaps readers can come up with examples that I have forgotten or never saw. But absent that, I think what we're seeing is this: MainStreamMedia personnel want the Democrats to win, and so naturally go and commission pieces on how they can do so. But they don't want Republicans to win, so naturally they never think of commissioning such pieces. A (rather benign) example of MSM bias


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