Monday, June 05, 2006

Liberal means never having to use one's brain

This piece by Peter Bienart has been laughed at by others in the blogosphere (e.g. Power Line gently pokes fun), but I want to point out how pitiful it is as an example of rational argument.

That liberals are weak on fighting terrorists is supposed to be W's fault!

The UN, IMF, World Bank and NATO were the vehicles that defeated Soviet communism!

What a strange, barren, bizarre place the liberal mind must be in 2006. Perhaps the courageous explorers of the next generation will be those who boldly venture forth against all odds to learn what goes on in there. I'm not sure even Stephen Hawking could make any sense of it, however.


I guess I could just do a constant blog under this title. In catching up on my reading, I just found this. Exit polls are foolproof! Dennis Kucinich is unbiased and non-partisan! The moon is made of green cheese. Whatever.


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