Monday, May 22, 2006

Imagine the difference this would make

I want to add something regarding the post below about Dafydd's post at Big Lizards.

He lists a variety of potential developments which would improve GOP prospects in November. I want to add two more, the first of which is certain to happen.

1) The onset of campaign mode by GOP candidates will begin to bring the good news to voters which the MSM has steadfastly boycotted or spun into negatives. Every election cycle, GOP campaigns are successful in correcting some of the most egregious propaganda spread by the MSM since the last election. This is just the natural result of people getting a 2d side of the story.

2) GOP supporters create 527s and aggressively correct the partisan propaganda about the economy, Iraq, Katrina, etc. which voters have been told. The president and the GOP in general will not fight the lies as aggressively as 527s will. To some extent, they cannot. Dubya learned the lesson from his father's encounter with the MSM over the economy. Every time Bush I tried to tell the truth about the strength of the economy, the MSM beat him senseless for not caring about some poor suffering soul who recently lost everything in "the worst economy of the last 50 years". He relearned it over "mission accomplished".

If GOP supporters mobilize a Swift Vet type 527 campaign to bring the truth to the American people, the Democrats will see their current polling lead evaporate.


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