Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blatant Lying at Wash Post re: War

Dr. Sanity has a post on the jaw dropping war coverage of the Post:
OK, children, let's look at yet another "news" story today. This one from the Washington Post exclaims, "Afghanistan Rocked As 105 Die in Violence: Toll Is Among Worst Since 2001 Invasion".

Once again, the invaluable Cori Dauber picks up on the blatant attempt to mislead and distort by noting that 80-90 of that number just happens to be the enemy who were killed.

She quotes at length from Bill Roggio. The basic facts -- we attacked the Taliban in two coordinated raids and inflicted heavy casualties while capturing a senior enemy leader. At the same time, the Taliban had attacked a police station. That enemy attack was beaten back with 40 dead for the enemy and 13 dead for our Afghan allies. Two Afghan policemen were ambushed and killed.

Bottom line -- we totally kicked their ass and the MSM has chosen to portray it as a Taliban victory.
Roggio notes that the entire affair is likely a major victory for the coalition; especially considering that the Taliban's most senior commander was captured. But that point is not even mentioned in the Post story. Nor, of course is the concept of "victory" put forth as we endure the hand-wringing of the writer who is clearly upset at all that "violence" going on over there.

Roggion is also absolutely correct when he asserts that the MSM reporting basically gives the Taliban a "propaganda victory" by making it seem as if they are coordinated and exacting a heavy toll on hapless coalition forces. The death toll (which is 80-90% enemy deaths) reported in that fashion gives the clear impression that somehow the Taliban were successful in the skirmishes.

As far as the MSM is concerned, if any violence takes place, that means we are losing the war. Which of course, makes them very happy.


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