Friday, May 19, 2006

A woeful absence of maturity

I have been intending to write on the subject of maturity in politics. This isn't the best jumping off point, but I don't have time for a full-blown takedown of my thoughts at the moment. I noticed this article in which Edward Whelan gives us an example of Democrats and hypocrisy on the subject of legal ethics. I was struck once again by the immaturity of Democratic tactics. Beyond hypocrisy, this kind of unwarranted attack does real damage to the country. It trivializes serious issues and drags the system ever lower. In the end, Democrats and Republicans alike will be harmed by foolishness like this.

While many observers have written on the extent to which Democrats have been blatant hypocrites on a vast number of issues over the last two decades, I want to focus on what it demonstrates about maturity. When you examine the record of the Clintons, Algore, John Kerry, Howie Dean, the Kennedys and all the rest, you have to conclude that all of them show a woeful lack of maturity. Not just in their personal behavior, but in their professional politics. And not just because they routinely lie and slander their opponents.

To cite only two of the many examples -- Hamstringing our war effort and putting military personnel in greater danger, just because you want to score political points against the president, is incredibly immature. Even children know better. Favoring an independent counsel law when a Republican is president, but subsequently realizing the potential for abuse only when a Democrat is president, is evidence of immaturity in thought. If you replay the political landscape since 1980, this theme plays out over and over with increasing frequency. Dems employ short-sighted attack tactics seemingly without regard to the long term damage they do to themselves and the country.

The bottom line is that the old saw that the GOP is the daddy party and the Dems are the mommy party is no longer appropriate. In America today, we have an adult party and a party of children.

Mentally and emotionally, liberals (i.e. Democrats) have become increasingly childish in their behavior and their reasoning.


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